Edublogs Awards

Cosy Corner Blog has the honour of being nominated for the award of Best Library Blog, 2011. Thank you Sheri Edwards.

This in itself is a great honour. From these nominations Cosy Corner has now been short listed and voting has begun.

If you feel we are worthy, and I hope you do, please click on the Edublog logo on the left and follow the prompts to cast your vote.

Voting closes at 12 midnight on Tuesday 13th December US Eastern Standard  Time. You can vote as many times as you like but only one vote is counted each day from each IP address.

It is also interesting to take time to look at some of the blogs that have been nominated for awards. The quality of work from students around the world being showcased  is amazing. It is wonderful to see that teachers globally share a common goal of providing quality educational experiences for their students.

It  is certainly an exciting time to be involved in educating our youth, and having our youth educate us.

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