Edublogs Awards

Cosy Corner Blog has the honour of being nominated for the award of Best Library Blog, 2011. Thank you Sheri Edwards.

This in itself is a great honour. From these nominations Cosy Corner has now been short listed and voting has begun.

If you feel we are worthy, and I hope you do, please click on the Edublog logo on the left and follow the prompts to cast your vote.

Voting closes at 12 midnight on Tuesday 13th December US Eastern Standard  Time. You can vote as many times as you like but only one vote is counted each day from each IP address.

It is also interesting to take time to look at some of the blogs that have been nominated for awards. The quality of work from students around the world being showcased  is amazing. It is wonderful to see that teachers globally share a common goal of providing quality educational experiences for their students.

It  is certainly an exciting time to be involved in educating our youth, and having our youth educate us.

The Amazing Rescue!

Earlier this term students in Years 3 and 4 were looking at digital stories on the Booked Inn Blog.

Ella became really motivated and decided to gather some friends together to create their own digital story. Ella bought in all the props. The students worked in their lunch times to develop their story  and make a story map. We then called on our wonderful volunteer, Mrs Booth, to accompany the students as they took their photos, chose the most appropriate photos, wrote their story and published it all on Photopeach.

Here is the result.

The Amazing Rescue.

Congratulations kids. I’m so proud of you and thank you Mrs Booth for giving so freely of your time.

Bogus Websites

Should we always believe what we read on the Internet?

This is the question we have been thinking about in our library lessons for Year 5 and 6.

You can follow the links to find some of the pages we were looking at.

We read an explanation of how Google finds the pages we are searching for so quickly.

We read that the Velcro shortage was caused by a drought in California causing the Velcro crop to fail.

We read about a town in New South Wales called Cootaburra and we watched a BBC video clip about a variety of penguins who can fly.

All these sites were bogus. We discussed ways of checking if we weren’t sure about the accuracy of a web page.

We also watched a Youtube clip about working at Google. We thought that would be pretty cool and we found the last page of the Internet!

Flat Stanley returns from Japan

Earlier in the year students from our school were sharing the book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown. It tells the story of a young boy who becomes flat when a bulletin board falls on him. Beacuse he is flat he can go on many adventures.
The students then made their own Flat Stanley and wrote stories about the adventures they had with him. Many students took photographs or drew pictures to accompany their stories.
These stories and pictures were then posted to other students  in Scotland, several schools in America and in Japan.
This week our Flat Stanleys came back from Japan with photos and stories written by Japanese students about his adventures over there. It has been a wonderful learning experience for all the students involved. New friendships have now been formed with some students continuing to correspond with their overseas buddy.

Opening the mail from Japan was a very exciting time for our students.



Mrs Howlin is back!

Term Four has begun. 

I had a wonderful holiday away with my husband. We took a cruise to the South Pacific Ocean. Last week I shared some of our holiday photos with some of the students. Here are some of my favourites.

 This ship was our home for 10 days.

 Our first stop was Isle of Pines named by Captain James Cook. The water was very clear; perfect for snorkling. We saw many fish, corals and clams.

 In Coffs Harbour we see the sunrise out of the water (if we get up early enough and go to the beach) but we can only see the sun set over the mountains. It is always special to go somewhere and see the sun set over the water.




All the students know how much Mrs Howlin LOVES food. Well the food on the cruise did not disappoint.

We had a wonderful time……however it is great to be back with all the awesome students from our school. You have all made me very happy to be back. Thank you.

I love our school!

More of The Australian Girls Series.

Hope you all had a great holiday. I know I did.

 I did some snooping around the book shops while on holidays and found the latest in The Australian Girls Series. These are the third book for each of the girls adventures. Hopefully they will be on the shelves for you to borrow from Week 2

These should be on the shelves from Monday 25th July. Keep watch!

These should be on the shelves from Monday 25th July. Keep watch!

Flat Stanley returns.

Last week our Flat Stanleys returned from Seattle, Washington and Orange City, Iowa in USA. The students who recieved our Stanleys gave them a wonderful time and returned them with great photos and stories. It was a very exciting time for us, as we recalled all that our Flat Stanleys had done.

Photos and stories from Seattle.

Photos and stories from Seattle.

Flat Stanley home from his holiday in Orange City.

Flat Stanley home from his holiday in Orange City.

Stories and photos returned from our new American friends.

Stories and photos returned from our new American friends.

Some of our students have now exchanged addresses and will continue to write to one another.

We are eagerly awaiting the return of our Stanleys from Scotland and Japan.